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Kayak rental

Kayaks are available for hire between 8am and 5pm.

Set off to discover the fringing reef just a few hundred meters from Lagon Maore. We offer guests of the Jardin Maore hotel 1 hour’s free rental. If you’d like to extend your getaway, the price is €10/hour for residents and non-residents. Don’t hesitate to try our transparent glass-bottomed kayaks to discover the seabed.

PMT Rental

For a snorkeling trip, borrow our snorkeling kits and set off to discover the fringing reef. Starting from N’Gouja beach, you’ll come across numerous green turtles feeding on the sea grass, before arriving at the drop-off, which offers a huge diversity of coral and fish species. If you’re staying at the hotel, you’ll get one hour’s free rental, while non-residents pay €5/hour.

When can you go snorkelling in Mayotte?

With an average lagoon temperature of 24°C, snorkeling is possible all year round in Mayotte. From October to March, during the austral summer, temperatures are high (29 to 33°C on average) and rainfall abundant, with a peak in January-February. After heavy rains, coastal waters are laden with sediment, impairing underwater visibility. From April to September, temperatures are cooler (23 to 26°C) and waters generally remain clear, but winds are more frequent.

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