Equipe du Lagon Maoré
Diving center in Mayotte

Le Lagon Maoré

Centre nautique
The dive center

Your dive center in Mayotte

The Lagon Maoré center is directly on the beach and offers a friendly welcome, while an outdoor Faret is used for equipment preparation, briefings and theory courses. A secure room houses our inflation station equipment, a space dedicated to TEK diving (preparation of mixes and rebreathers), and a changing room with toilet and shower (hot!) is adjacent to the center.

The center is designed to meet the needs of the activity, with 4 40-foot containers arranged on a structure on stilts with a very large surface area dedicated to welcoming our divers (including PRM access): changing room, WC, shower, lounge on the veranda, store, technical area, all on the edge of the beach, close to the hotel area dedicated to divers. The installation of a high-pressure line will enable on-board inflation, thus reducing the need for time-consuming handling of diving cylinders.

Diving in complete safety

For us, safety is a fundamental principle and an omnipresent leitmotiv for this exciting activity in a breathtakingly biodiverse setting, which nevertheless remains a high-risk activity where zero risk does not exist.

Dives are supervised by experienced, qualified (State Diplomas) and passionate professional instructors, in compliance with the regulations set out in the French Sports Code for scuba diving, under the responsibility of the Divemaster.

Our instructors also hold international qualifications (SSI, SDI, TDI) and a wide range of specialties required for proper practice in specific environments (Nitrox, drift, deep, wreck, night, biology, confirmed Nitrox, trimix rebreather…).

All dives in the lagoon, passes and outer reefs are supervised by a qualified surface diver.

Currents are systematically checked by an instructor before diving in the passes.

By choice, we limit autonomous deep dives to 40m, to keep exploration of the 50-70m area to the use of Trimix.

Our safety equipment (pharmacy and oxygen therapy) is ready for use, checked daily and operated by our staff, who are up-to-date with the necessary first-aid refresher courses.

On-board safety units (Air, Nitrox 32 Nitrox 70) are fully equipped and always ready to be deployed in case of need.

A defibrillator (DSA) is stationed at the hotel.

The hospital’s decompression chamber and helicopter resources are on standby in Mayotte, ready to intervene in the event of a decompression accident.

The center is insured for structural liability, and we recommend that all our divers take out individual insurance through their federal license or through DiveAssure, which offers weekly or annual insurance.

To complete this permanent concern for safety, Lagon Maoré’s equipment allows you to dive :

  • Nitrox 32 at no extra charge, essential for successive dives (double-block dives) and long-distance dives.
  • Nitrox 26 for deep dives to 50 meters,
  • With 2 mixes that reduce decompression times by using mixes > 50% (advanced Nitrox qualification required).
  • Normoxic Trimix (02 > 18%) for exploring drop-offs between 50 and 70 meters, accompanied by an over-oxygenated Nitrox mix (>50%) to improve decompression (Normoxic Trimix + Advanced Nitrox qualification required).
  • In closed rebreathers (rebreather qualification required) to optimize decompression beyond the exceptional approach to phone that bubble-free diving offers.
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